Friday, September 23, 2011

Engineering reporting!

Todays harvest, simple mechanic.

Not unhappy about this one, a little simple perhaps.. Next up a few mercenaries.

- Edzard

Ordering madness!

I have ordered a bunch of 15mm figures from Ground Zero Games:

- Colonists, lots of colonists
- Alien mercenaries, two packs - for something fun!
- L-UNSC, best looking sci-fi infantry imo (lots)
- NAC infantry, the real grunts (lots)

No vehicles yet, maybe next month. Will have to compare the finished miniatures to what fits and looks good.

Tonight I'll get to painting some more miniatures, starting with a technician in overalls. It's good to unwind after another very busy week.

- Edzard

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Corporate interests

I have painted another miniature from the characters pack, this time it's the doctor. I've painted him so he can be a VIP.

Mr Heisenberg doesn't look pleased.

A really productive day it has been! Now to clean my desk and get ready for monday.

This is madness.

Today is a really productive day for me it seems! Did three more sci-fi dudes from start to finish! All from Ground Zero Games.

First up from the Ravager pack B

Also from Ravager pack B

From the characters pack, I put more effort into this one

 All three together, noticeably more effort on the middle one but all will look good on the table!

Anyways, that was fun! I have one more I would like to finish tonight, the doctor from the characters pack.

- Edzard


I am proud to present my first unit of Vikings!

They are the plastic 28mm Viking Hirdmen from Gripping Beast, I found the set to be nice to assemble and the miniatures fairly nice to paint. Simple 1 shade or highlight style that I find looking good on the table as well as reasonably good when held up close.

Enough jibba-jabba - time for pictures!

I will probably use them for Warhammer Ancient Battles, either as a Viking mercenary unit or regular Hirdmen. The second unit is mostly spear armed and has a more uniform appearance (all the same brown pants & shoes and the same colour tunics - will probably even give them the same shield designs)

Anyways I'm very happy with finally getting them finished. Next up, maybe a 15mm sci-fi figure?

- Edzard

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Doctor Jones

The first update of the last miniature I painted, from Ground Zero Games "Free Trader Crew Pack A"

I spent way too much time on this single miniature, and it is the highest standard that I like painting on 15mm. I hope to use him for some 15mm skirmish stuff - although he doesn't really look sci-fi. More like Indiana Jones (minus hat & whip) then again, the Firefly crew doesn't really look that sci-fi either.

- Edzard

Welcome & plans

First post I guess should be something of a welcome so here goes.

I'm 25 years old and from the Netherlands. the blog title is a Dutch phrase meaning "bravery, prudence and loyalty"

This blog started to keep me more motivated on my wargaming hobby, as I get deeper into adult life time for hobbies gets scarcer and every little bit of motivation helps. Anyways my plans in wargaming are:

  • Finish my German Flames of War army (1500 points MidWar but also usable for EarlyWar)
  • Start a Dutch Flames of War army (I have been busy on a Dutch forum writing rules/stats and even some playtesting)
  • Really get cracking at Napoleonics in 6mm (Adler miniatures with March Attack for rules)
  • Finish my Viking WAB army (28mm plastic Gripping Beast)
  • Get into 15mm sci-fi (perhaps with the new Gruntz, Tomorrow's War or Fubar. Hell perhaps all!)
  • Play more!

A smart man told me to "plan your work and work your plan" - good advice. Of course I will probably get sidetracked a lot by other fun stuff (it's a hobby after all)

- Edzard