Sunday, October 30, 2011

The lone Panzerjäger..

Finished my second objective, it came with the old Grenadierkompanie box set - finally finished painting it. Will fit in nicely with the rest of the force I think, sadly this will be my only update this weekend.

- Edzard

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pimp my ride

Finished all halftracks that are needed in my current Mid-War Panzergrenadier company. These last four I finally finished where bought around 2008, together with my platoon of Panzer III J tanks. Pretty good to finally see them painted in a stardard I find acceptable.

The lot still need passengers & decals - but I don't have those.

- Edzard

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sonderkraftfahrzeug bereit!

I have a painted German Panzergrenadier company for Flames of War, but my painting standard went up since when I finished that so I started painting a lot of German stuff without the rush of getting an army ready to play.

Anyway - finished some halftracks tonight. And had a single 8-rad to finish too, they still need decals and passengers - but I don't have those lying around anymore.
My painting style is fairly cartoony on these vehicles, because I want them to really pop when on the table. The infantry is also painted with a fairly high contrast (and fat highlights).

Halftracks, grey!

 Heavy recon, also grey!
 Platoon command halftrack, with something to break up all the grey :-)

- Edzard

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scientific management

Today was a fairly productive day, painting wise!

First up, another mercenary

Next up the NAC soldiers. They are actually fairly quick to paint and look nice in a group I think. I painted this bunch all at the same time, doing the same part in the same colour every time. It wasn't as much fun as painting character miniatures, but every universe needs grunts. 
I also didn't spend a lot of time on the highlights or the faces, just enough to make them interesting up close & looking good on the table.

 The whole gang together, I'm happy with the progress these last three weeks! What do you think?
Next up, maybe more NAC, perhaps their robotic support or get started on the L-UNSC?

Also I have to start thinking about basing & storing these guys properly, because they are currently bunched in a small Feldherr bag together with my Necromunda Escher and it's full. Advice?

- Edzard

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last for today

Finished some more miniatures tonight, here they are:

And a groupshot of the whole family, if you look closely you can see that I'm still trying out a lot of different techniques. Still doesn't look too out of place all together.

Now for a beer and a movie!

- Edzard

Autumn update

The Ground Zero Games order arrived and I got started painting some stuff.

First up a renegade/mercenary/armed civilian, quick and easy.

Some kind of big mutant, I got a load more of these and this one was a lot of fun to paint.

First NAC - will be some kind of marine in my universe. I don't know if I am happy with this one. The colours are really bland and because the face is hidden the entire miniature looks a little boring. The golden visor and red/white shoulderpad I added later to make it a little more interesting..

Anyways, 2 more mutants and a mercenary on the painting desk for tonight. 

- Edzard