Sunday, October 2, 2011

Autumn update

The Ground Zero Games order arrived and I got started painting some stuff.

First up a renegade/mercenary/armed civilian, quick and easy.

Some kind of big mutant, I got a load more of these and this one was a lot of fun to paint.

First NAC - will be some kind of marine in my universe. I don't know if I am happy with this one. The colours are really bland and because the face is hidden the entire miniature looks a little boring. The golden visor and red/white shoulderpad I added later to make it a little more interesting..

Anyways, 2 more mutants and a mercenary on the painting desk for tonight. 

- Edzard


  1. I like em, the marine looks good to me.


  2. Thanks guys! I hope he will look even better with his mates on a tabletop.