Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pimp my ride

Finished all halftracks that are needed in my current Mid-War Panzergrenadier company. These last four I finally finished where bought around 2008, together with my platoon of Panzer III J tanks. Pretty good to finally see them painted in a stardard I find acceptable.

The lot still need passengers & decals - but I don't have those.

- Edzard


  1. Great looking hanomags, I havent touched 15mm since I did some early war germans at the start of the year. Check out Blitzkreig Commander as a set of ww2 rules. I perfer it over FOW myself.
    I checked out your vikings, very nice indeed. I have a few more plastic packs laying around Im yet to start on. Theyre not bad for the price.
    Happy gaming.

  2. Thanks! I have Blitzkrieg Commander lying around, from reading it it looks great. Sadly I hardly get to play a game, so when I actually get the chance I don't mind playing Flames of War.
    The Vikings sets are pretty cool, I'm still waiting for the plastic Bondi set from Gripping Beast..