Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scientific management

Today was a fairly productive day, painting wise!

First up, another mercenary

Next up the NAC soldiers. They are actually fairly quick to paint and look nice in a group I think. I painted this bunch all at the same time, doing the same part in the same colour every time. It wasn't as much fun as painting character miniatures, but every universe needs grunts. 
I also didn't spend a lot of time on the highlights or the faces, just enough to make them interesting up close & looking good on the table.

 The whole gang together, I'm happy with the progress these last three weeks! What do you think?
Next up, maybe more NAC, perhaps their robotic support or get started on the L-UNSC?

Also I have to start thinking about basing & storing these guys properly, because they are currently bunched in a small Feldherr bag together with my Necromunda Escher and it's full. Advice?

- Edzard


  1. Hi Edzard! I really like the style of painting you have used on the NAC-good job! More please!

  2. Thanks Gunrunner! More are on their way. :-)