Friday, October 21, 2011

Sonderkraftfahrzeug bereit!

I have a painted German Panzergrenadier company for Flames of War, but my painting standard went up since when I finished that so I started painting a lot of German stuff without the rush of getting an army ready to play.

Anyway - finished some halftracks tonight. And had a single 8-rad to finish too, they still need decals and passengers - but I don't have those lying around anymore.
My painting style is fairly cartoony on these vehicles, because I want them to really pop when on the table. The infantry is also painted with a fairly high contrast (and fat highlights).

Halftracks, grey!

 Heavy recon, also grey!
 Platoon command halftrack, with something to break up all the grey :-)

- Edzard


  1. Great looking vehicles and figures.

  2. I appreciate the compliment :)

  3. Gezien je titel heb jij een ww2 game op de pc gespeeld kom alleen niet zo snel op de titel... Geweldig schilderwerk! Mijn miniaturen staan op