Sunday, February 19, 2012

The spoils of .. the weekend

Following up on my post from yesterday, I finished the first batch of alien mercenaries. Great miniatures, loads of character and really fun to paint - can't recommend them enough.

My paintjob was really simple as you can see, but will be ok on the tabletop.

Here they are again with a little friend and a test model UNSC (the space trooper) - with a green rifle! For the final UNSC colour scheme I am going to make the grey a little lighter and maybe change from white stripes to spots or blotches.

I have tried some different colour schemes for the UNSC today, but the red and white dude was staring at me from across the table .. and all I can say is that maybe it's an acquired taste.

In other news, I have ordered a copy of Tomorrow's War.

- Edzard

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Colour testing

I'm trying to find out a cool colour scheme for my Ground Zero Games UNSC. I envisioned something with red and black - but I don't think this test came out good. Also the red is maybe a little bit too much space opera..
And I'm painting my legionairies red..

I'm also working on some alien mercenaries, also Ground Zero Games. Their pants are finished..

- Edzard

Monday, February 6, 2012

More Germans

I have finished the first and second in command for my Flames of War army. With this I thought I was done, but realised that I have to do 1 more command team *doh* for the Leichte Infanterie Gesch├╝tze (light infantry guns)

The first in command.

The second in command.

Bunch of dudes together.

- Edzard