Friday, August 10, 2012


I finished the first bunch of Auxiliaries!

Also, broke the 100 miniatures painted in 2012 - I think that is pretty good! I guess I should mention that I will not be finishing the 28mm Vikings for Warhammer Ancient Battles. 

Allthough the miniatures are pretty nice, they are a lot of work. I've been waiting for the announced 28mm plastic Bondi from Gripping Beast, since that time WAB has been discontinued and there isn't really a game that has taken its place yet.

I like painting 15mm Romans more then 28mm Vikings :-)

So I don't forget:

I. Prime black
II. Gunmetal grey
III. Mahogany sand
IV. Bronze
V. Badab black
VI. Flat earth
VII. Dwarf flesh
VIII. Bonewhite
IX. Chocolate brown
X. Imperial blue
XI. Mithril silver
XII. Gloss varnish
XIII. Matt varnish


  1. Very nice, but don't you think they are a bit monotonous in pose?

  2. Thanks, actually yes they are very monotonous to paint. But I don't need that many and I have a bunch of other figures to break this monotony. I was working on a few auxiliaries today just like these, I'll finish them tomorrow.

    Then it's on with some Napoleonic figures in 6mm!