Sunday, October 14, 2012

French Legere & basing 6mm

Finally did something with my 6mm Napoleonics! I really enjoyed painting these guys, no fuss about highlighting or anything fancy. Just getting the paint to cover and stay within the lines.

The French light infantry is often depicted wearing light blue, I opted for the same blue I use for my regular French line infantry. (Imperial blue, how fitting) I also didn't bother with the different colour pompoms and shako decoration.

 Together with 2 squadrons of 'ruined-by-varnish-cuirassiers'

Next up is my new basing technique for 6mm, instead of fooling around with all kinds of grass - I paint the grass on! I think it looks suitably grassy and it's a lot easier.

More Auxiliaries

Finished another 6 of those little buggers.

Again super simple, I have the next 12 primed and ready for painting. Ugh.