Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Finished the first command figures for my Romans.

First is from the Corvus Belli ballista crew and so is the fourth figure. The middle ones are from a Corvus Belli command pack.

Easy to do and a good distraction from those auxiliary spearmen. Next up are some more command figures and horsemen!
Soon I will have to order some more figures, and I could start thinking about an opposing force.. Perhaps Dacians? Or something from the middle east? Suggestions welcome!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last auxiliaries

Finished the last of my Roman auxiliary spearmen today.

Brings the total up to 24, done with these guys for a while at least!

Forgotten but not lost!

My painting progress, or lack thereof,  has led to no updates the entire year! My attention shifted and didn't really feel like painting things, it happens to most of us every now and again I think?

But today a few updates! I have been busy painting some 6mm British infantry for WWII wargaming. Suitable for Blitzkrieg Commander and the Battlegroup series (and a host of other rulesets).

Some trucks

A Sherman

MG team

Bren team

Rifle team

GHQ vehicles and Adler infantry. Nice and very easy to paint, I still need to add labels to their bases.

Anyways, on to the next update!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Plans for the new year

A year has passed, time to see what was accomplished in this time!

The numbers:

foot: 23
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 0

foot: 107
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 0

foot: 1
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 0

Not a bad score I think, but it could have been a lot better. I didn't get to play many games, in fact only about 8 in total. My plan for this year is to try and play some more games, that will surely help me keep motivated to paint.

The projects I was working on:
 - 15mm Field of Glory early imperial Romans; I plan to finish this army, and then play some games!

- 15mm sci-fi; No real plan here, I would like to paint some more and play a few games of Tomorrow's War. No real rush to be honest.

- 15mm Flames of War Germans; (finished the 1500 point army!) Play some more games, and perhaps I could start painting my Dutch army?

- 6mm March Attack Napoleonic; this one is going to be changed! I ordered the General de Brigade rulebook - and I'm planning to base according to these specifications. (I can still use the miniatures for March Attack, but also Lasalle and I bet a bunch of other games)

Now to get painting!