Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Plans for the new year

A year has passed, time to see what was accomplished in this time!

The numbers:

foot: 23
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 0

foot: 107
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 0

foot: 1
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 0

Not a bad score I think, but it could have been a lot better. I didn't get to play many games, in fact only about 8 in total. My plan for this year is to try and play some more games, that will surely help me keep motivated to paint.

The projects I was working on:
 - 15mm Field of Glory early imperial Romans; I plan to finish this army, and then play some games!

- 15mm sci-fi; No real plan here, I would like to paint some more and play a few games of Tomorrow's War. No real rush to be honest.

- 15mm Flames of War Germans; (finished the 1500 point army!) Play some more games, and perhaps I could start painting my Dutch army?

- 6mm March Attack Napoleonic; this one is going to be changed! I ordered the General de Brigade rulebook - and I'm planning to base according to these specifications. (I can still use the miniatures for March Attack, but also Lasalle and I bet a bunch of other games)

Now to get painting!

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