Saturday, November 29, 2014

Corvus Belli Romans

Corvus Belli has stopped making their historics, and I have bought enough Romans to last me a lifetime. So I thought I might aswell paint some!

Some kind of officer type, with purple cloak. Nowadays not really a masculine colour, but I believe it was very cherished and valuable in ancient times. Also purple doesn't seem to fade as much as other colours compared to the other natural pigments available in that time.

I used some pretty heavy highlights on his cloak so it really pops on the tabletop.

Some veteran legionaries, shields white because they still need transfers. 

My first 15mm horse and his rider. Also notice the beard on the legionary.

Another shot of the figures, you can see the highlights on their brown cloaks.

Did a little bit of a freehand on a shield, doesn't really look that great from up close but the figure is a boy and the shield is pretty small. :-)

I have a Macedonian army incoming from the war & empire kickstarter campaign, so probably expect some Macedonian updates starting somewhere in Januari.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last of the t-72s and German testing

As the title says, I have finished the last of my t-72s and tried some test painting for my German forces.

First up, finished tanks!

Next up some paint testing for the germans. I tried doing drybrushing, but I never really like the results. Panel-painting is very time consuming though. So I'm thinking I'll panel paint the green after drybrushing the camouflage.

Next up is some more German tests and the first company of BMP-1s (10 of them!!)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A tale of scutum and clepeus

Did a fair bit of stuff today, usually I just end up painting things. And sometimes I manage to stick my miniatures on bases and do some landscaping. But today I spent a good deal of time applying transfers onto tiny shields.

Ofcourse it wasn't as simple as that, as I had painted the shield in a 'base colour' (red for legionaries and blue for auxilia) the transfers require a white(!) background to actually be visible. So after painstakingly having those shields painted it began all over again in my least favourite colour of all.. white.

Applying the transfers was also very fiddly, but I only managed to screw a few. Then came the part of repainting the white basecoat left visible by these transfers and varnishing. Ugh, not really a fun job.

The results however are pleasing to the eye, especially since I only paint my Romans to a 'tabletop quality' taking a little effort in the faces & armour.

Enough rambling, some pictures!

From the front, looks pretty cool huh?

And from the side, maybe even more impressive :-)

I also managed to prime some more Cold War things, and get started on 3 more Soviet tanks. Next time I will do some colortesting for my Cold War West-Germans.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Soviet workhorse T-72

Painting and wargaming is not really a priority for me currently, but today I managed to do some painting despite the fairly hot weather. (Especially in my room!) From start to finish in 1 day I present 3 Soviet T-72 tanks. Very much updated with explosive reactive armour.

The camouflage is something of my own invention, and I think it looks pretty cool.

This picture shows the tanks in normal light, and this is how they would appear on the table.

Next up are some closeups with flash, showing the beauty of these GHQ models.

The last picture is my 3 freshly painted tanks with some buddies that lack camouflage.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Soviet Infantry

Some pictures of recently finishes Soviet infanty. Harsh iPhone pictures, maybe I should invest in a real camera?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cold War Soviet production


This weekend I have had some painting time, and got a lot of stuff done. I also managed to take pictures during my 'production process'

First I mount my miniatures on Golf Tees

Like so:

When I have the miniatures I want to paint mounted

I use a bit of cardboard from a box or something to hold the miniatures as I prime them with a can of black primer.

Next it is time for some painting! I prepare my 'wet-palette' by laying some kitchen towels in the lid of an old ice cream box, pour some water in and lay on top a layer of baking paper.

I get my brushes out, I have quite a bunch..

But my favourites are Windsor & Newton series 7. These are almost 4 years old and totally amazing the way they hold their points. Totally worth their (quite high) price.

Next up I start slapping some black paint on there to cover anything I missed with the primer. Next up some green paint (German Extra Dark Green).

I highlight (or block paint) the green with a colour I mix from 50% German Extra Dark Green and 50% Bonewhite.

I noticed while painting that these GHQ T-72 tanks have a small hole for an antenna. I used a few bristles from a brush and dustpan used for cleaning stuff (they have the added advantage of being black unbreakable plastic)
It was quite easy to get the antenna in there with a dab of superglue. I cut it to a normal length using ordinary scissors.

I also did the other colors, red brown for tracks followed by a black wash and light brown for the covers on the trucks followed by a brown wash. 

After that I finished the vehicles by painting on a heavy coat of gloss varnish followed by a heavy coat of matt varnish. The vehicles are done, now only to glue them on a base and do some gardening..

Picture with a flash, showing varnish and details:

Now on to do some infantry!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Finished some Soviet colourtests, but not really happy

I finished the MTLB's shown in my previous post, but I am not really happy with the green.

I'm going for the camouflaged look, though most sources say that the Soviets usually just went with plain green I like the camouflage a lot. The thing is the green (on both vehicles) looks a little too bright.

I'm going to try with an even darker green base color and highlight with the current base color. The GHQ infantry is so tiny there isn't really a lot one can do wrong with it, maybe I'll highlight the uniforms next time.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Soviet colortests


I have tried painting a few test items for Soviet cold war stuff, mini's are 6mm GHQ. Quick pictures, I'm still thinking about how to do them. I find the green a little too light, so I 'll probably go for the dark green with camouflage (but also highlight the green)

Infantry is so tiny, kinda fun to paint! I managed to give this guy a nose.

Better pictures when I have something based and ready.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A post where I look back on 2013.

It has been a long time since I have done anything related to tiny model soldiers. I have kept reading a few forums and browsing blogs, but painting or gaming just didn't happen at all. The facts don't lie..

Painting 2013:
foot: 13
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 6

foot: 16
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 0

foot: 0
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 0

While real life has been busy, my motivation for wargaming wasn't really there either. I have found that the painting aspect of wargaming actually isn't something I really enjoy, it's just the results that I like. It may sound a little childish, but I feel I have to get back to more 'quick gain' or 'low cost - high yield' projects.

All in all, this will result in 3 projects for the coming year:
 I. 15mm Ancients; I pledged the kickstarter for War & Empire (and still have to choose an army) and plan on painting some more Romans. I fiddled with some decals a while back and it seems the ones I have need a white background to be visible, so I have to paint all the shields white to apply them. Oh the monotomy...
II. 6mm WWII; this small project is pretty fun to do and I look forward to finishing my Brits. Maybe get some Germans and definitely get some terrain!
III. *NEW* 6mm Cold War *NEW*; When starting my 6mm WWII I also looked at 6mm Cold War figures and although they appealed to me I never really knew that much about the cold war. My choice was either to go for 15mm Flames of War style stuff or use 6mm - in order to get some 'quick gain/low cost high yield' stuff going I chose 6mm.

My 15mm scifi is really on a back burner since the guy I started that project with has moved out of the country. The 6mm Napoleonic stuff will probably be touched again this coming year, although not right now. A new Flames of War army I don't really need, since I hardly get to play it anymore.

I hope to post again in a week or so with some newly painted stuff!

- Edzard