Monday, January 27, 2014

Finished some Soviet colourtests, but not really happy

I finished the MTLB's shown in my previous post, but I am not really happy with the green.

I'm going for the camouflaged look, though most sources say that the Soviets usually just went with plain green I like the camouflage a lot. The thing is the green (on both vehicles) looks a little too bright.

I'm going to try with an even darker green base color and highlight with the current base color. The GHQ infantry is so tiny there isn't really a lot one can do wrong with it, maybe I'll highlight the uniforms next time.

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  1. Camouflage is tough to pull off on this scale without an airbrush to get the 'feathered' look. Most Soviet armor was done in a "Soviet Green" (Kind of a dark forest green/olive mix), with the idea of painting camouflage stripes on only in time of war. I found a very interesting Gray-Green camouflage mix for the GSFG near the end of cold war here: My attempts came out too blue, however.