Thursday, February 27, 2014

Soviet Infantry

Some pictures of recently finishes Soviet infanty. Harsh iPhone pictures, maybe I should invest in a real camera?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cold War Soviet production


This weekend I have had some painting time, and got a lot of stuff done. I also managed to take pictures during my 'production process'

First I mount my miniatures on Golf Tees

Like so:

When I have the miniatures I want to paint mounted

I use a bit of cardboard from a box or something to hold the miniatures as I prime them with a can of black primer.

Next it is time for some painting! I prepare my 'wet-palette' by laying some kitchen towels in the lid of an old ice cream box, pour some water in and lay on top a layer of baking paper.

I get my brushes out, I have quite a bunch..

But my favourites are Windsor & Newton series 7. These are almost 4 years old and totally amazing the way they hold their points. Totally worth their (quite high) price.

Next up I start slapping some black paint on there to cover anything I missed with the primer. Next up some green paint (German Extra Dark Green).

I highlight (or block paint) the green with a colour I mix from 50% German Extra Dark Green and 50% Bonewhite.

I noticed while painting that these GHQ T-72 tanks have a small hole for an antenna. I used a few bristles from a brush and dustpan used for cleaning stuff (they have the added advantage of being black unbreakable plastic)
It was quite easy to get the antenna in there with a dab of superglue. I cut it to a normal length using ordinary scissors.

I also did the other colors, red brown for tracks followed by a black wash and light brown for the covers on the trucks followed by a brown wash. 

After that I finished the vehicles by painting on a heavy coat of gloss varnish followed by a heavy coat of matt varnish. The vehicles are done, now only to glue them on a base and do some gardening..

Picture with a flash, showing varnish and details:

Now on to do some infantry!