Sunday, June 15, 2014

A tale of scutum and clepeus

Did a fair bit of stuff today, usually I just end up painting things. And sometimes I manage to stick my miniatures on bases and do some landscaping. But today I spent a good deal of time applying transfers onto tiny shields.

Ofcourse it wasn't as simple as that, as I had painted the shield in a 'base colour' (red for legionaries and blue for auxilia) the transfers require a white(!) background to actually be visible. So after painstakingly having those shields painted it began all over again in my least favourite colour of all.. white.

Applying the transfers was also very fiddly, but I only managed to screw a few. Then came the part of repainting the white basecoat left visible by these transfers and varnishing. Ugh, not really a fun job.

The results however are pleasing to the eye, especially since I only paint my Romans to a 'tabletop quality' taking a little effort in the faces & armour.

Enough rambling, some pictures!

From the front, looks pretty cool huh?

And from the side, maybe even more impressive :-)

I also managed to prime some more Cold War things, and get started on 3 more Soviet tanks. Next time I will do some colortesting for my Cold War West-Germans.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Soviet workhorse T-72

Painting and wargaming is not really a priority for me currently, but today I managed to do some painting despite the fairly hot weather. (Especially in my room!) From start to finish in 1 day I present 3 Soviet T-72 tanks. Very much updated with explosive reactive armour.

The camouflage is something of my own invention, and I think it looks pretty cool.

This picture shows the tanks in normal light, and this is how they would appear on the table.

Next up are some closeups with flash, showing the beauty of these GHQ models.

The last picture is my 3 freshly painted tanks with some buddies that lack camouflage.