Saturday, November 29, 2014

Corvus Belli Romans

Corvus Belli has stopped making their historics, and I have bought enough Romans to last me a lifetime. So I thought I might aswell paint some!

Some kind of officer type, with purple cloak. Nowadays not really a masculine colour, but I believe it was very cherished and valuable in ancient times. Also purple doesn't seem to fade as much as other colours compared to the other natural pigments available in that time.

I used some pretty heavy highlights on his cloak so it really pops on the tabletop.

Some veteran legionaries, shields white because they still need transfers. 

My first 15mm horse and his rider. Also notice the beard on the legionary.

Another shot of the figures, you can see the highlights on their brown cloaks.

Did a little bit of a freehand on a shield, doesn't really look that great from up close but the figure is a boy and the shield is pretty small. :-)

I have a Macedonian army incoming from the war & empire kickstarter campaign, so probably expect some Macedonian updates starting somewhere in Januari.


  1. Nice work indeed. Please post pictures of the finished work.

  2. Very impressive, Edzard!


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