Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Napoleonics in 3mm


My Napoleonic project never really gathered any steam, but this year is the bicentennial of Waterloo so I have to do something, right?!

I places a very small order with Fighting15s for some 3mm Napoleonics to try my hand at. The order got here within a week and the figures are packaged in small blisterpacks with a lockable bag.

And I must say I am pleasantly surprised with how they are to paint and how they turn out. As you can see on the next picture they are quite tiny! No highlights at all, but high contrast colours and a painting technique where place small dots or slashes of paint.

I did some colortesting and found a combination I like and put those on a 6x4cm base. I will add another "battalion" to the base later to complete it.

Pretty cool stuff, and I find it gives a better mass effect than 6mm. Infantry poses are limited, but skirmishers are available and cavalry poses are more varied.

I have some Chausseurs a cheval de la Garde to try for cavalry - but I think my mind is already made up.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

February already?!


Finally a very belated update on my blog.. I have no excuse or special circumstances that forgive me for this crime, I only hope the content of this post might make up for a little of the damage done by my absence.

First up, it's not as if I haven't been busy with wargaming. No no! I have recently received my package from the Forged in Battle Kickstarter campaign "War and Empire". So now a great number of Macedonian and other Greek type warriors demand my brush aswell.

I have ordered the new rules set from Sam Mustafa called Bl├╝cher including the card set for the 100 days campaign. I hope having something to actually play with will motivate me more to get painting on some Napoleonic figures.

This weekend I have been busy painting a bunch of Russian vehicles, namely the ever present aluminium (and a little bit of steel) box we call the BMP-1

In fact a full company worth and a Zsu-23-4 AAA piece.


Some closeups

Notice the subtle difference in the camouflage pattern on 3 of the BMPs into a more splodgey and less stripey yellow. I thought it was pretty cool :-)

Now it might be a good time to show my whole force as it stands today.

It needs a lot more infantry, I was thinking 2 bases per BMP.. but I might just start with 1 base each. Also some support elements in the form of ATGMs and mortars are on my mind. Then to finish it off perhaps an Mi-24 helicopter? (and deciding on how to base all this stuff?!)

It's good to finally get some things done and I hope I can keep it up. Infantry isn't that hard is it..

Edit: nearly forgot! A new year means a new painting log, so let's get this out of the way.

foot: 10
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 15

foot: 56
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 0

foot: 0
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 0

Total crap. But better then 2013 at least..