Sunday, February 15, 2015

February already?!


Finally a very belated update on my blog.. I have no excuse or special circumstances that forgive me for this crime, I only hope the content of this post might make up for a little of the damage done by my absence.

First up, it's not as if I haven't been busy with wargaming. No no! I have recently received my package from the Forged in Battle Kickstarter campaign "War and Empire". So now a great number of Macedonian and other Greek type warriors demand my brush aswell.

I have ordered the new rules set from Sam Mustafa called Bl├╝cher including the card set for the 100 days campaign. I hope having something to actually play with will motivate me more to get painting on some Napoleonic figures.

This weekend I have been busy painting a bunch of Russian vehicles, namely the ever present aluminium (and a little bit of steel) box we call the BMP-1

In fact a full company worth and a Zsu-23-4 AAA piece.


Some closeups

Notice the subtle difference in the camouflage pattern on 3 of the BMPs into a more splodgey and less stripey yellow. I thought it was pretty cool :-)

Now it might be a good time to show my whole force as it stands today.

It needs a lot more infantry, I was thinking 2 bases per BMP.. but I might just start with 1 base each. Also some support elements in the form of ATGMs and mortars are on my mind. Then to finish it off perhaps an Mi-24 helicopter? (and deciding on how to base all this stuff?!)

It's good to finally get some things done and I hope I can keep it up. Infantry isn't that hard is it..

Edit: nearly forgot! A new year means a new painting log, so let's get this out of the way.

foot: 10
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 15

foot: 56
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 0

foot: 0
cavalry: 0
vehicles: 0

Total crap. But better then 2013 at least..

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