Sunday, March 22, 2015

Finished some Roman officers and Greek peltasts

I finished some Roman (Corvus Belli) officers and what I think are veteran legionaries, an auxiliary cavalryman and a few Greek peltasts as testers.

The Roman eagle with a spoiled aristocrat.

Legionary officers, they look a little more capable don't they?

Single legionaries, fun miniatures.

Auxiliary cavalryman, spent a little effort on the horse and I think it looks pretty nice.

 Greek peltasts, the blue is kinda bright, but works. Shield I'm not sure about.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The basing question continues with some Russians

Did even more 3mm Napoleonics, great stuff!

Based a single battalion of Russian infantry in line on a 60x40mm base, with a strip of 1cm left open at the back.

Also painted the French base with 2 shades of green.

And together to give a better sense of how things look:

Sprinkle in some skirmishers, do a little bit more work on the terrain, an officer on a horse.. perhaps an aide-de-camp and I think the single battalion can look pretty good. Maybe I'll even keep them 60x40mm and use the open space as a place to have a printout of the unit name..

What do you guys think?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Basing conundrum for Blücher

I have been happily painting along, and tried the following:

*Disregard the sand, i haven't painted it yet to look like grass.. that's a test for later.

The question is ofcourse, does this look like a brigade to you? I'm thinking that I could just put the front 'battalion' on a base, make it less deep (so a 60x30mm base instead of the 60x40mm it is now) and call it a day..

Or I could form up all my 'battalions' as columns and mount 2 on every base (with room to spare for artillery) That might work for the French, but what about the thin red line that are the British? How about Prussians? I just don't really know.

I'll do another base with just 1 infantry 'battalion' on it and compare. If it works it would save 50% on painting time - so I'm pretty tempted to go down the easy way..