Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The basing question continues with some Russians

Did even more 3mm Napoleonics, great stuff!

Based a single battalion of Russian infantry in line on a 60x40mm base, with a strip of 1cm left open at the back.

Also painted the French base with 2 shades of green.

And together to give a better sense of how things look:

Sprinkle in some skirmishers, do a little bit more work on the terrain, an officer on a horse.. perhaps an aide-de-camp and I think the single battalion can look pretty good. Maybe I'll even keep them 60x40mm and use the open space as a place to have a printout of the unit name..

What do you guys think?


  1. I'd stay with the yellow flocking. I do this with my figs and it really helps them to stand out!

  2. I'd go green with room for a tag, but as Ana points out, the yellow flocked base stands out better.

  3. Thanks guys, it has to be green since my (and most other) tables are green. I might drybrush with a yellow/green colour to further accentuate the miniatures, but I think they look ok now on a green base.

    The one that looks yellow is unpainted sand..

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