Thursday, December 29, 2016

Napoleonic Crisis 217BC

Recently a few friends and I visited Crisis in Antwerp, the biggest wargames show in mainland Europe. Quite an experience, a lot of people and plenty of vendors. I didn't get to play in a game, but there was so much to see!

My loot as you can see, a few Corvus Belli figures, Xyston elephants, a load of Flames of War Romanians and some Foundry Vikings.

Napoleon's Regiments is a reference book that may come in handy later as will some of the Ancient Warfare magazines.

The year is nearing its end, although I am not one to reflect on every birthday or new years eve I do know the value of having to set dates in your plans. I sometimes say to people 'a plan without a date is a dream' and I should practice what I preach. (..and that is enough one-liners in one post).

2016 has been quite a productive hobby year with over 300*15mm figures painted, an increase in the amount of games played and the total time procrastinated with wargaming in general.

The projects I am somewhat actively working on are as follows:

  1. Macedonians or successors in 15mm
  2. Romans from the early empire in 15mm
  3. Spanish for the Dutch revolt in 15mm
  4. French for the war of the Spanish Succession in 15mm
  5. Dutch for the second World War in 15mm
  6. Soviets & West-Germans for the Cold War in 6mm

1. Macedonians or successors in 15mm
These are progressing quite nicely, the War & Empire figures by Forged in Battle are nice and easy to paint and look great on the table. Happy with the progress, now if only they would perform on the table as well.. This year Kharwansaray Publishing will host something called 'project 217', an online project where people work on wargames that take place in 217BC. My Macedonians fit the bill perfectly, so I aim to contribute!

2. Romans from the early empire in 15mm
My Romans have grown a little and I am quite happy with them, they will get some more love in the next year when I will surely add some ballistas and maybe with the old Corvus Belli figures getting a re-release by Totentanz Miniatures adding some figures to the collection!

3. Spanish for the Dutch revolt in 15mm
This is the yearly project from the Dutch Miniature Wargames facebook group, I am planning to paint 2 tercios a cuirassier unit and a few cannon. Totentanz figures are nice and refreshing to paint.

4. French for the war of the Spanish Succession in 15mm
Ouch, started with such vigour and enthusiasm only to be left out to dry. An amazing conflict and one that appeals enormously to wargame. Alas starting a project is easy, actually directing time to do some work on the project has proven to be hard. I would like to say these will surely get more attention in 2017, but I am not sure they will.

5.  Dutch for the second World War in 15mm
Around half my army is finished and I picked up the other half at Crisis for under €30 (!), I would like a cavalry unit but will make do without for now. Until version 4 of Flames of War is released early next year I don't expect to do any work on these. But the goal is to finish a minimum of 1500 points in 2017.

6. Soviets & West-Germans for the Cold War in 6mm
I have a lot of vehicles painted, probably enough for some interesting games. The thing that remains is actually putting some sand and grass on their bases and painting some more infantry. No promises, but I am pretty sure this project will be ''playable'' in 2017.

The chance of actually finishing a project just becomes bigger every year so as any reader can see I clearly need more on my plate. For that reason I have decided to paint the entire French army of the Napoleonic Wars in 10mm scale. More on that in the new year!

 *I should have done a Spartan army..

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Long time no post!

I haven't been posting much these last few months because I have been quite busy. I moved house twice and now only get time to really paint anything during weekends. I do try to do something every weekend and slowly it adds up.

I finished some more Roman legionaries, finished my first regiment for the War of Spanish succession and started a new project with a Dutch facebook group: the 80 years war, also known as the Dutch revolt.

The first finished regiment finished, cool figures! I guess they need flags, but during the moving my printer (finally) broke..

The Dutch revolt is an interesting war in the pike and shot era. I already had plenty of pikes for my Macedonian Successors and plenty of shot for my Spanish Successors, but not together in a single project!

These are the first few figures I did, 15mm from Totentanz in Spain, who will incidentally also re-release the Corvus Belli ancient range! Great news because that will make it possible to finally flesh out my auxilia.

In the meantime I keep plodding away at my ancient armies, finishing up more skirmishers and pikemen regularly.

I had set quite an ambitious goal at the start of this year to try and finish more than 500 (!)15mm infantry figures. Current events have shown that no plan survives contact with the enemy, but I am aiming for 300+. Not a bad score I think since I am currently at 283.

I have also been thinking about next year, I suspect my painting time will diminish even more early in the year because I will move house again and start work someplace else. I hope things will settle down and I can get some good hobby-time in. Especially play more actual games! .. although this is a new years resolution every year..

Undeterred I will aim for 500 figures again in 2017. Sounds impressive but it will consist of some Dutch Revolt figures, some Dutch WWII troops, maybe some War of Spanish Succession stuff and probably around 50% will be for my ancient Macedonians and Romans.

Then maybe in 2018 I can take the plunge into .. Napoleonics .. for real.



Friday, June 3, 2016

War of Spanish Succession

I have recently taken the plunge to venture into the war of the Spanish succession. So early 18th century warfare with the armies of Louis the XIV and Marlborough, a period I knew almost nothing about!

The reason to go for wargaming this period are trifold, firstly my friend Mark received some 15mm Dixon figures for the period. Secondly my parents went to Blenheim castle on a vacation they took and my dad was telling me how interesting that Marlborough fellow was. Thirdly, I was always tempted to get into Napoleonics but funds, the difficulty of painting and perhaps the even bigger difficulty of choosing (and sticking to) a rules set always threw me off. the WSS is a lot more 'do-able' with simpler uniforms for the rank and file but even more extravagantly dressed officers!

I started reading David Chandler's book The art of warfare in the age of Marlborough, it sheds some light on the tactics, organization and weapons used. Also there are some great online resources available like

For figures I am currently using just Khurasan 15mm scale miniatures range of WSS figures, they have nice detail and paint up pretty good. Me and Mark have started a seperate blog specifically for the things we do for the WSS:

And now for some extreme closeups of the first figures I did:

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May painting challenge round up

As in April we did a painting challenge over at the Miniature Modelling Mayhem group on facebook, I pledged a unit of Romans and a unit of Macedonian companion cavalry. Additionally I did 2 bases of Thureophoroi, basic Hellenic spearmen and a natural evolution of the hoplite.

Together this lot looks like so, with more closeups below.

First up the Macedonian companion cavalry. In the end I dreaded painting the leopard skins, getting the yellow to cover was such a chore.. but I am really pleased with them!

Roman legionaries, same as always.. I have done more than a century now and I am quite proficient in painting these quickly.

And finally the thureophoroi, didn't really enjoy painting these that much. I think it is because the poses are quite limited and a little awkward, still the figures look pretty OK in a unit.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Miniature Modelling Mayhem April painting challenge finished!

This last month we had a little painting challenge going on the Miniature Modelling Mayhem facebook group in that we would pledge to paint a few (3 in my case) units to paint up in April.

My pledge was:
12cm Howitzer battery
4.7cm Anti-tank battery
4.7cm Anti-tank battery

I finished these yesterday so they are fresh of the press!

The whole gang: 2 infantry platoons, 2 anti-tank platoons and an artillery battery.

Added a Dutch flag to one guy:

I also did a tennis court as a silly terrain project.

And the first Macedonian heavy cavalryman. I'm not sure if it is a kontos he is armed with, or those would be longer?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

12 Hw Lang 14

Finished a platoon of 12cm Howitzers for my Dutch.

And they look cool with my 4 infantry platoons:

Sunday, April 10, 2016

12cm Dutch artillery

For the April painting challenge I'm working on a Dutch artillery park. I converted some Romanian guns to look like the Dutch 12cm howitzer. These are them painted:

On the left we have the tiny 47mm gun the Dutch used. Apparently to good effect, knocking out 25 German armoured vehicles around Dordrecht and Rotterdam. These are from Skytrex and are pretty basic. Good thing they are small. They still need highlights and varnishing.

The crew are primed and ready to be painted..

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Miniature Modelling Mayhem April painting challenge

We're having a painting challenge on our Facebook/Google+ group this month and this is what I will be painting.

Dutch guns & crew, more specifically:
- Anti-tank gun platoon (3 47mm Boehler guns)
- Anti-tank gun platoon (3 47mm Boehler guns)
- Howitzer battery (4 15cm Howitsers)

Battlefront Romanian crew, with converted Romanian howitzers and some Skytrex anti-tank guns.
The 15cm gun is a converted Romanian piece, but all I had to do is remove the pieces of gun-shield from in front of the wheels.

Standard artillery figures and company HQ blister, small conversions here and there for example a kepi for the Captain instead of more modern hat the Romanians used.

Tonight during an online Paint & Chat session where we get together using Google hangouts I will be starting on these guys properly!

Last of the Phalangites..

Finished the last of my Macedonian Pikemen! (Forged in Battle figures)

And the gang all squared up:

Glad to have finished them, but I need loads more. 2 or 3 blisters will be coming with the next kickstarter for sure.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dutch platoon finished

I painted & based my first Dutch platoon for Flames of War.

Not a high standard of painting, but enough so they look OK on the table and I can finish the army in less than a year. I'm happy with them.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Painting frenzy going on!

I have been having a painting frenzy as of late, here are some of the results:

28mm samurai for Ronin.

Flames of War Dutch

15mm terrain