Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2015 review 2016 plans


This post will be concerning with wrapping up 2015 and detailing my plans for 2016. Also a few figures will pass revue for your viewing pleasure.

The score in 2015 was as follows:

foot: 145
cavalry: 37
vehicles/guns: 0

foot: 46
cavalry: 0
vehicles/guns: 20

foot: 0
cavalry: 0
vehicles/guns: 0

foot: 60
cavalry: 4
vehicles/guns: 0

foot: 7
cavalry: 0
vehicles/guns: 1

Not bad I think.

Anyway, for next year I plan on "finishing" my 15mm Romans. And if I put my mind to it I can get a long way with my Macedonians. This is good because I pledged the War & Empire kickstarter (again).

I bought a Dropzone Commander PHR starter set, but it is still in the box. I should get crackin' on that, so I can join the fun of actually playing the game. I have decided on a color scheme, khaki with some sort of dot camouflage.

Warhammer 40k.. I liked painting a few things but got burned out quickly. Figures are too big with too much detail. For me it just feels better finishing a few 15mm figures in 2 evenings of painting than finishing one 28mm figure.

6mm Cold War will get some more stuff finished so it will be "playable" 6mm Napoleonicare on the back burner.

3mm Napoleonic, gee.. I should get into this as I am having fun playing Bl├╝cher, but I haven't ordered any figures and get distracted by my 15mm ancients.

New plans? I would like to paint a few Vikings/Saxons/Normans, so a bunch of guys with spears and shields and a few men in mail. 15mm scale would be cool.


Put my first miniatures of 2016 on bases, the last of the Auxilia cavalry and the first of my Macedonian phalangites:

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