Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Miniature Modelling Mayhem April painting challenge

We're having a painting challenge on our Facebook/Google+ group this month and this is what I will be painting.

Dutch guns & crew, more specifically:
- Anti-tank gun platoon (3 47mm Boehler guns)
- Anti-tank gun platoon (3 47mm Boehler guns)
- Howitzer battery (4 15cm Howitsers)

Battlefront Romanian crew, with converted Romanian howitzers and some Skytrex anti-tank guns.
The 15cm gun is a converted Romanian piece, but all I had to do is remove the pieces of gun-shield from in front of the wheels.

Standard artillery figures and company HQ blister, small conversions here and there for example a kepi for the Captain instead of more modern hat the Romanians used.

Tonight during an online Paint & Chat session where we get together using Google hangouts I will be starting on these guys properly!