Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May painting challenge round up

As in April we did a painting challenge over at the Miniature Modelling Mayhem group on facebook, I pledged a unit of Romans and a unit of Macedonian companion cavalry. Additionally I did 2 bases of Thureophoroi, basic Hellenic spearmen and a natural evolution of the hoplite.

Together this lot looks like so, with more closeups below.

First up the Macedonian companion cavalry. In the end I dreaded painting the leopard skins, getting the yellow to cover was such a chore.. but I am really pleased with them!

Roman legionaries, same as always.. I have done more than a century now and I am quite proficient in painting these quickly.

And finally the thureophoroi, didn't really enjoy painting these that much. I think it is because the poses are quite limited and a little awkward, still the figures look pretty OK in a unit.


  1. Great work Ed, did you use LBM transfers on the Roman shields? Those leopard skins came out nicely too.


    1. Thank you very much Steve, yep Little Big Men transfers. Can't beat them on how good they look, and how much hassle it is to put them on.

  2. Very nice minis and painting :)

  3. Very impressed Edzard, a good showing, now on to conquer the Ancint world!