Friday, June 3, 2016

War of Spanish Succession

I have recently taken the plunge to venture into the war of the Spanish succession. So early 18th century warfare with the armies of Louis the XIV and Marlborough, a period I knew almost nothing about!

The reason to go for wargaming this period are trifold, firstly my friend Mark received some 15mm Dixon figures for the period. Secondly my parents went to Blenheim castle on a vacation they took and my dad was telling me how interesting that Marlborough fellow was. Thirdly, I was always tempted to get into Napoleonics but funds, the difficulty of painting and perhaps the even bigger difficulty of choosing (and sticking to) a rules set always threw me off. the WSS is a lot more 'do-able' with simpler uniforms for the rank and file but even more extravagantly dressed officers!

I started reading David Chandler's book The art of warfare in the age of Marlborough, it sheds some light on the tactics, organization and weapons used. Also there are some great online resources available like

For figures I am currently using just Khurasan 15mm scale miniatures range of WSS figures, they have nice detail and paint up pretty good. Me and Mark have started a seperate blog specifically for the things we do for the WSS:

And now for some extreme closeups of the first figures I did: