Sunday, November 20, 2016

Long time no post!

I haven't been posting much these last few months because I have been quite busy. I moved house twice and now only get time to really paint anything during weekends. I do try to do something every weekend and slowly it adds up.

I finished some more Roman legionaries, finished my first regiment for the War of Spanish succession and started a new project with a Dutch facebook group: the 80 years war, also known as the Dutch revolt.

The first finished regiment finished, cool figures! I guess they need flags, but during the moving my printer (finally) broke..

The Dutch revolt is an interesting war in the pike and shot era. I already had plenty of pikes for my Macedonian Successors and plenty of shot for my Spanish Successors, but not together in a single project!

These are the first few figures I did, 15mm from Totentanz in Spain, who will incidentally also re-release the Corvus Belli ancient range! Great news because that will make it possible to finally flesh out my auxilia.

In the meantime I keep plodding away at my ancient armies, finishing up more skirmishers and pikemen regularly.

I had set quite an ambitious goal at the start of this year to try and finish more than 500 (!)15mm infantry figures. Current events have shown that no plan survives contact with the enemy, but I am aiming for 300+. Not a bad score I think since I am currently at 283.

I have also been thinking about next year, I suspect my painting time will diminish even more early in the year because I will move house again and start work someplace else. I hope things will settle down and I can get some good hobby-time in. Especially play more actual games! .. although this is a new years resolution every year..

Undeterred I will aim for 500 figures again in 2017. Sounds impressive but it will consist of some Dutch Revolt figures, some Dutch WWII troops, maybe some War of Spanish Succession stuff and probably around 50% will be for my ancient Macedonians and Romans.

Then maybe in 2018 I can take the plunge into .. Napoleonics .. for real.




  1. Beautiful figures...and wonderful pikemen!

  2. Considering your busy lifestyle Ed you've done loads this year. Lovely troops!!! All the best for the coming year. I think nilly also set a goal of troops

    1. Thank you Paul, I guess I shouldn't complain. Who is Nilly?

  3. Good going Edzard, I think I've managed nearly 300 figures myself this year if you count the horses of course.

    1. Thank you very much Geraldus, 300 isn't bad in a year. Leonidas made quite a name with his 300 :-)