Saturday, September 2, 2017

Macedonian cavalry

Finished painting a unit of Macedonian cavalry. These figures are nice and easy to paint because they are so simple. I had some fun with the horses.  Painting them felt like freestyle painting because there is not much detail there and you can highlight freely to your hearts content.

Panzer III J & Halftrack & Schwimmwagen

I finished a Battlefront Miniatures German Panzer III J. It has been a while since painting German grey and it was a nice change from the colorful Macedonians and Romans.

The model is OK, detail isn't that crisp but it looks good on the table. This is a newer model than the other Pz III tanks I have and the detail is quite a bit better on this one. It just goes to show that the world hasn't stood still in the 10 years since my first Panzer III and this one..

I also found an unpainted halftrack in a box and painted that..

Then I thought, why not paint this tiny little Schwimmwagen as well..

I like the look of the little car full of passenger, I wish I had enough passenger figures to fill up all my halftracks too.

Webbing should be black leather, but that doesn't look as good in my opinion.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Phone blogging


A few months ago my laptop broke, and I haven't bought a new one yet. I have a big desktop computer, but I don't like using it for writing blogs or doing small photo editing. So this is a post from my phone to show some of the things that have occupied my hobby time!

Spanish for the Dutch revolt/80 years war/30 years war

Some cuirassiers as well

Here you can see the fun I had with painting the horses, I really enjoyed  doing these!

A little bit of a close up

And the whole lot from behind

This was my addition to a big Wargaming community day where everybody played something from our 80 years war. The next few pictures are from the battle I participated in, Kallo 1638.

The dykes constituted good going terrain, almost everything else was difficult or very difficult marshland (the Dutch had flooded the area). The brown indicates real water, the Schelde actually goes right up to the dykes on the right. The spanish on the left had to get units into the Dutch deployment area while the Dutch scored points for destroying Spanish units.

We used the Tercios rules.

I had the Spanish left flank, my team mate would focus on the right. I had requisitioned the majority of Spanish artillery (3 batteries) and had only 1 fort to deal with. My units advanced quickly along the dykes towards the Dutch.

I had the advantage of numbers, and after some initial floundering progress they began to count. The Spanish advance was beginning to make some real headway.

On the Spanish right flank things looked pretty good. Spanish units advanced towards the Dutch troops avoiding a direct assault on the fortress. Dutch artillery did do a number on the Spanish from this entrenched position...

Back on the left flank the Spanish routed nearly all the Dutch forces and even managed to take the fortress. My Spanish cuirassiers got into a position to storm down the dyke and help on the Spanish right flank..

Unfortunately the Spanish right flank had crumbled by this point, the Dutch therefor achieved a victory.

We finished the game in a day with most people not having played (much) before. The Tercios rules are a lot of fun and more on the side of fun than on the side of absolute realism. They are however a bit heavy on the markers and require a bit of work in advance. I would recommend them!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ancient archers

I finished a small unit of skirmishing archers. The good thing is that they are generic enough to suit any of my ancient armies.

Based a little on this picture:

I think they turned out well. They will probably not be that great on the field, but they can annoy my opponents.

The next unit I will work on is Macedonian medium cavalry. Judging from what my opponents are working on I really need some more cavalry to occupy their cavalry while my Phalanx gets to work..

Pendraken test figures finished

I finished painting the test figures I bought from Pendraken. I had just two packs, one is the French infantry in greatcoats. The other is a small pack of Austrian lancers, naturally armed with swords and carbines.

I painted them as a Polish lancer unit.

I think the 10mm figures are great for Napoleonic wargaming. These from Pendraken have enough detail to still be fun to paint while saving quite some time compared to 15mm figures.
I don't know if I should keep battalions of 36 guys based in companies. It looks really good, but defeats the purpose of keeping Napoleonic wargaming doable for me.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

lookin' back and ploddin' forward!

Finished painting a unit of hoplites:

Quite a nice unit, simple colours (the same as some of my pikemen..). My Ancient collection officially no longer fits into 1 Feldherr suitcase anymore, so that is a milestone I guess.

I did the first test figures for Napoleonics in 10mm. Easy French in greatcoats from Pendraken. Quite nice and pretty easy to do. Look better than their 6mm cousins and take significantly less time than the 15mm family of Napoleonics I tried years ago.

Painting speed was increased by the greatcoats, but there is something I found weird. These figures are carrying another greatcoat on their backpacks. Talk about an army prepared for winter, these could surely march right into a Russian winter!

Next up is a platoon of Dutch Machine Guns (converted to Vickers) Just 12 figures, in version 3 Flames of War they would be combat attached to my infantry platoons. In version 4 Flames of War they don't need a command team anymore.

Obviously all need some sand put on, but I will do that after I finish the next 2 units on my painting list. (some generic archers and a Macedonian cavalry unit)

Now for an analysis of last years painting. The numbers speak for themselves and 2016 was quite a productive year for me. I aim to be at least as productive in 2017.

Could stand to do some more cavalry for my Romans and Macedonians and I have a few blisters lying around for them.

For this year I have made a rough planning of what I am doing:
1. Finish hoplites (done)
2. Dutch MG platoon (done)
3. Finish my Pendraken Napoleonic French (done)
4. A cavalry unit for my Macedonians (wip)
5. A unit of archers for my Macedonians (wip)
6. Work on my 80 years war stuff again.

This list would keep me busy for maybe another 2 months, so yeah, we will see how it all goes.