Saturday, September 2, 2017

Macedonian cavalry

Finished painting a unit of Macedonian cavalry. These figures are nice and easy to paint because they are so simple. I had some fun with the horses.  Painting them felt like freestyle painting because there is not much detail there and you can highlight freely to your hearts content.

Panzer III J & Halftrack & Schwimmwagen

I finished a Battlefront Miniatures German Panzer III J. It has been a while since painting German grey and it was a nice change from the colorful Macedonians and Romans.

The model is OK, detail isn't that crisp but it looks good on the table. This is a newer model than the other Pz III tanks I have and the detail is quite a bit better on this one. It just goes to show that the world hasn't stood still in the 10 years since my first Panzer III and this one..

I also found an unpainted halftrack in a box and painted that..

Then I thought, why not paint this tiny little Schwimmwagen as well..

I like the look of the little car full of passenger, I wish I had enough passenger figures to fill up all my halftracks too.

Webbing should be black leather, but that doesn't look as good in my opinion.