Saturday, September 2, 2017

Panzer III J & Halftrack & Schwimmwagen

I finished a Battlefront Miniatures German Panzer III J. It has been a while since painting German grey and it was a nice change from the colorful Macedonians and Romans.

The model is OK, detail isn't that crisp but it looks good on the table. This is a newer model than the other Pz III tanks I have and the detail is quite a bit better on this one. It just goes to show that the world hasn't stood still in the 10 years since my first Panzer III and this one..

I also found an unpainted halftrack in a box and painted that..

Then I thought, why not paint this tiny little Schwimmwagen as well..

I like the look of the little car full of passenger, I wish I had enough passenger figures to fill up all my halftracks too.

Webbing should be black leather, but that doesn't look as good in my opinion.


  1. Very nice, love the little Schwimmwagen with all the passengers.

    1. Thanks Stig, yeah they are really cool. I think one could have a lot of fun with driving one around!